Pond Builds & Refurbishment

We offer a complete pond build service for most pond constructions. Using up to date life time liners U.V. protected.

For the concrete ponds we use reinforced steel mesh and bar.

All raised ponds are built with 9 inch thick walls to take water pressure .

We will design  the pond to your spec and also advise you the client as the build is worked through. It is important you the client have your input at different stages as the pond is your own feature in your garden and we are there to help that process.

The most common mistake by some of our clients is once the pond is built they wish the pond had been built larger.

We can get most up to date filters and all pond dry goods from our supplier.

You the client have total control on the cost of all material as we tell you what is needed and you can either use our supplier direct or source your own.

All labor cost are agreed with you the client and they are fixed to the end of the job, however if a unforeseen  problem arises we will talk to you the client  before that issue is solved if it requires the labor rate to increase